Refusing to Bail on Boylston Canyon

  The longest hike that I have been on was an 8-mile hike in Sedona, AZ to Boylston Canyon. I was with my cousin and my uncle. It got more and more difficult as we went along. On our way there, we came across hikers on their way back, unable to complete the hike. ThereContinue reading “Refusing to Bail on Boylston Canyon”

This is Me-Keala Settle

I love sharing inspirational/motivational material. Here is a video that I love. It’s all about breaking out of your shell, being in the moment, being brave, and letting go. When you do these things magic happens, and it happened in this video. Thank you 20th Century Fox for capturing this moment and sharing it withContinue reading “This is Me-Keala Settle”

Fahrenheit 451: a post for rebellious teachers

  I have finally read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. I had read that they were releasing it as a film on HBO, so I knew that I needed to experience the book before seeing it. The book was printed in 1951 and it isContinue reading “Fahrenheit 451: a post for rebellious teachers”

Difficult Situations: Avengers Infinity War Edition (SPOILERS!!!!)

  I want to make it very clear that this post includes spoilers from Avengers Infinity War. Please do not continue reading, if you don’t want anything spoiled. People who know me know that my husband and I are nerds. Everyone has been asking us about Avengers Infinity War and my response is always theContinue reading “Difficult Situations: Avengers Infinity War Edition (SPOILERS!!!!)”

Kudos Kendrick Lamar: Do You Be You

  Shout out to Kendrick Lamar for winning the Pulitzer Prize in music, as a rap artist. The Pulitzer in Music has never been awarded to a rap artist throughout its entire existence. It is usually awarded to classical and jazz artists. Several articles have been published on the importance of the award and theyContinue reading “Kudos Kendrick Lamar: Do You Be You”

Why Do We Fall Bruce?

One of my favorite quotes comes from the movie Batman Begins.  When Batman felt like he failed, Alfred said “Why do we fall Bruce? So, we can learn to pick ourselves back up again.” I love this quote because it reflects something that rings true for many successful people, failure. Michael Jordan didn’t make hisContinue reading “Why Do We Fall Bruce?”

Glad I Showed Up to that Interview

Many of us can reflect on our lives and go back to that one moment. The moment your life was forever changed, it has led you to where you are today. Some of us believe it’s orchestrated by us, others believe it’s orchestrated by divine intervention, more specifically God himself. For me, it’s both. Today,Continue reading “Glad I Showed Up to that Interview”

Never Forget: Angelou and King Edition

  I love the quote above! One of my favorites!!! One reason why I love her. Another reason is her poem Still I Rise. Maya Angelou’s poem Still I Rise is one of the reason’s why I was able to pull myself up from one of the most difficult years of my work life. ThereContinue reading “Never Forget: Angelou and King Edition”

Two Prof’s in a Pod Podcast

Hello readers! I’m super excited for this week’s post. I’m on a podcast with my colleague Beth Eyres, it mostly focuses on teaching and learning. This is our first podcast. We’re learning so much, and we know that there is still a lot more learn. We’re working on it. =>) The first episode is all aboutContinue reading “Two Prof’s in a Pod Podcast”

Kid President Pep Talk

Hello Readers- For some of my posts, I’m going to share inspirational content from people I really enjoy. One of the people I luv, luv , luv is Kid President. He has been around for years and his videos never get old.  Click the picture below to access the three minute Youtube video. Someone may need this today.Continue reading “Kid President Pep Talk”