Inspired by Educated by Tara Westover

Over Spring Break I finished reading Educated by Tara Westover. The memoir is about a young woman’s journey from her religious family to higher education. The book has several themes. There are areas that focus on identity, family, faith, education, etc. The book really resonated with me for several reasons, but the area that reallyContinue reading “Inspired by Educated by Tara Westover”

The Reimagine Project Dares to Lead

I am proud. I am proud of the leadership of GCC faculty and staff. Over the past few months I have seen faculty and staff courageously offer their thoughts and opinions of how to improve our district, campus, and our classrooms. The work of GCC faculty and staff have resulted in committees being created, campusContinue reading “The Reimagine Project Dares to Lead”

Inclusivity = Pronouns

  When I first started as Residential Faculty I kept encountering students who identified as transgender and they would let me know their preferred pronouns. When they approached me I gave off the appearance of knowing what they were talking about, but I had no clue. I have to admit that I felt a littleContinue reading “Inclusivity = Pronouns”

Inspiration From Kindergarten Through College

I am someone who is inspired by so many different things in life. I was recently inspired by the Netflix Series Cheer. In what way? Well, that’s another blog post for another day. The two consistent things that have inspired me the most are my former teachers and my mentors. Some of these individuals haveContinue reading “Inspiration From Kindergarten Through College”

I’m a Tenured Professor!! Yassss!!!

     Last year, I posted a post entitled The Jump: Adjunct Faculty to Full Time Faculty. In the post, I talked about taking a leap of faith several years ago and pursuing a tenured professor position at a community college. I am so proud to announce that I have reached that goal. I’m a tenuredContinue reading “I’m a Tenured Professor!! Yassss!!!”

Two Prof’s in a Pod: How to Up Your EduCon Game Podcast

Beth and I are at it again with our podcast, Two Prof’s in a Pod.  A podcast that focuses on teaching, learning, and other stuff. For this episode, we recorded in Portland, Oregon at the POD (Professional and Organizational Developers) Network Conference. We focused on how you can up your educon game before, during, andContinue reading “Two Prof’s in a Pod: How to Up Your EduCon Game Podcast”


Do you know that April is community college month? You do now! I heart community colleges. As a former student, I started at a community college and I am currently a Professor at the community college I started at, Glendale Community College, AZ. Unfortunately, there is a community college stigma that bugs me to noContinue reading “#EndCCStigma”

New Two Prof’s in a Pod Episode

      If you have been following me, you know that I am a co-host for a podcast called Two Prof’s in a Pod. Beth Eyres is my colleague and co-host. Our podcast is all about teaching, learning, and other stuff. We recently had a one-year anniversary party! We also launched Season 2 EpisodeContinue reading “New Two Prof’s in a Pod Episode”

Iyanla Vanzant Says You Matter

     Many people know that I love Oprah! I am of course subscribed to her podcast Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Yesterday I listened to the episode: Iyanla Vanzant: You Matter. Iyanla Vanzant is a woman who helps people overcome some major issues on a show on OWN called Fix My Life. When I saw theContinue reading “Iyanla Vanzant Says You Matter”