About Me

Welcome to Baca Bits! My name is Tenisha Baca and I love all things that are motivational, inspirational, and creative. As a tenured professor/faculty developer, I get the chance to motivate, inspire, and create inside and outside of my classroom every single day.  Years ago I thought to myself: Who motivates and inspires those who work in higher education? I’d like to take on that role because I know how much it has helped me to have people in my life/career who have inspired and motivated me.

It is my personal mission to use my expertise and experiences to serve, empower, motivate, and inspire faculty, staff, and students in higher education. If you’re not in higher education, I still feel like there may be something here that you can use in your life. I feel like I have a lot to say and a lot to share. There is a post about purpose called What’s Your Pur Pur? , a post about a lesson learned from the movie Black Panther called Difficult Situations: Black Panther Edition (Non-Spoiler), and a post about taking a leap of faith in THE JUMP: Adjunct Faculty to Full Time Faculty. My hope for you as readers is that you will have at least one takeaway every time you visit this blog. Thank you for visiting.



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