Iyanla Vanzant Says You Matter

7502b197610a52e13fcf9e3c753a636287f000a4aff0f21648a9780dc7ffed178d792954105314f7ce1494f2cc6447195d08dc5edd27b0fe7bd1aae706afd20f     Many people know that I love Oprah! I am of course subscribed to her podcast Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Yesterday I listened to the episode: Iyanla Vanzant: You Matter. Iyanla Vanzant is a woman who helps people overcome some major issues on a show on OWN called Fix My Life. When I saw the title of the podcast I had to listen and I was not disappointed. It perfectly aligns with what I have been talking about for the past few weeks. If you get a moment to listen, check it out.

The statement that stuck out to me the most was:

“…we get our meaning and our mattering from our story and if we tell a story in a way that disempowers us we won’t know that we matter…..”

When she said this in the podcast it made me think. How many of our faculty, staff, and students have created stories in their heads that discourage and disempower them? Stories of discouragement and disempowerment prevent them from realizing that they matter. If their story includes people who tell them they are not good enough or that they will never amount to anything or that they are not good at reading, writing, or math, it will not only impact them but also the people who serve them. When I work with a student one on one and they express frustrations and are really tough on themselves I will think about what Iyanla says. What story are they telling themselves and what does it mean to them? How is it impacting them in the classroom?

How can we have stories that empower us and helps us to create meaning so that we feel like we matter? One way to do this is to pay attention to the people who are in your lives and what they tell you on a daily basis. Being surrounded by people who tear you down makes it difficult to build yourself up. Another way is to stop comparing yourself to others. I mentioned that in a previous post. We have a tendency of tearing ourselves down when we don’t feel like we measure up.

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2 thoughts on “Iyanla Vanzant Says You Matter

  1. Hi Tenisha-

    I love Oprah too and am currently reading Iyanla’s book Get over it! : thought therapy for healing the hard stuff.

    Just recently I began watching Iyanla on YouTube. I wish she lived next door to me. I love her personality and ability to keep-it-real. One thing she said just struck me: She said some people get stuck in their story and that holds them back. I so relate to that. I am stuck with baggage from my childhood. I realize it is crazy to still carry that stuff around, but I just can’t figure out how to walk away from it. I’m moving in the right direction with Iyanla’s help in addition to Oprah’s “live your best life” advice.

    Thanks for all you do to make 6X6 a great experience for us. This is my 3rd year in 6X6 and I felt myself grow as a blogger this year by writing what I NEEDED to write instead of writing what I thought I was SUPPOSED to write. Love it! Thanks Tenisha!


    1. Good Evening Ann-

      Thank you for your reply. I’ve been meaning to respond for awhile. I’m so happy to read that you are working your way through some things. Working our way through our baggage is tough and it takes work, but we can make our way through if we are persistent. I’m happy to find another fan of Oprah and someone else who is familiar with Iyanla.

      Thank you for participating in 6 X 6 for the past three years. I’m excited to read that you feel like you have grown as a blogger and that you re writing what you NEED to write. It is a liberating experience, and I’m glad that you are on this journey. =>)


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